In her practice as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Mary provides psychological therapeutic care for individuals, families and¬†couples in a nature setting.¬† To help sustain progress made with issues related to grief and loss, depression and anxiety, trauma recovery, or finding ways to interact more effectively with others, treatment often incorporates additional mindfulness practices such as body movement (Yoga, Tai Qi or Qi Gong), forest bathing, art or music therapy, storytelling,¬†meditation,¬†and contemplative walking of the 40-foot labyrinth‚ÄĒa replication of the labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in France.
While talk therapy utilizes the left side of the brain, these mindfulness practices also allow healing from the right side of the brain. When used together, one can achieve a¬†whole-health approach to healing and wellness — MIND, BODY & SPIRIT.

“My journey with mental illness has been a long one. What I am grateful for is that Mary was there for me during that journey in and out of scary places and back into life.

She has been my guide though very difficult times and always stayed with me when I needed her. Mary and I have worked with each other in individual therapy, in DBT groups and during coaching calls.

During each phase of our therapy together she has been supportive and attentive to my needs.

Mary has a gift and she shares that gift with her patients each session. She has a calmness and intuitive ability to know which direction to take therapy when the time is right. I could not have asked for a better person to help me along life‚Äôs path.” – Gina R. Minneapolis