“I believe in a holistic approach to psychotherapy, ideally combining mind, body and spirit. However, each modality can be undertaken on its own as well. Together, we will find the right balance of options to help you move toward a more centered, joyous and purposeful life.”


— Dr. Mary Freitag

Spirit / Expressive Therapy

Each of us has internal resources that we can tap into; by accessing our deepest selves, we learn wisdom and become both more centered and more resilient.


There are two ways of doing this: by cultivating a mindfulness or spiritual practice, and through self-expression. Mindful awareness is cultivating the ability to focus on the present moment. This kind of spiritual practice can help still the mind so that you can hear your inner voice. Developing self-expression through music, painting, drawing, journaling and other creative channels can also access this inner voice.


Modes of Therapy Include:

  • Walking meditations
  • Contemplative prayer/mindful meditation
  • Expressive therapies through writing, music, painting and other visual arts


Self-awareness is a powerful way to understanding and integrating the various facets of our inner selves.


For more information on how self-expression and mindfulness can be of specific help to you, and/or which practice would be most beneficial, contact Dr. Freitag.