We have all seen the news on the rising numbers of people testing positive for the coronavirus in Minnesota. As a result, my colleagues and I are suspending in-person meetings for the time being and will work with you remotely through computer video. This is done through HIPAA-compliant Telehealth sessions in a virtual meeting room.


The process is simple:

At the time of our appointment, go to the website below. Allow it to access your camera and audio so that we can see and hear one another. Then, enter what’s called a virtual waiting room. I will start the session at the scheduled time. https://doxy.me/drmaryfreitag


Through Telehealth (video) sessions, your camera on your computer or phone will allow us to see and hear each other.


In taking seriously the MN Department of Health’s recommendation to increase “social distancing” to protect each other, we now offer this alternative that allows us to connect through computer video.


You will find that the Telehealth process is really quite simple and, after a few minutes of getting used to the system, it truly does feel as though we are sitting together.


For the latest health care guidance and updates on the status of COVID-19 in Minnesota, I encourage you to visit the MDH website early and often.


If I have any symptoms myself and need to cancel our appointment, I will let you know via voicemail, email or text. If I am well enough, however, we will keep the Telehealth appointment.


Please note: Although phone appointments are acceptable, unlike the Telehealth appointments mentioned above, they may not be covered under your insurance and you will likely have to pay for this kind of an appointment out of pocket.


Thank you for your flexibility during this unpredictable time.


Kindest Personal Regards,
Dr. Mary Freitag